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Saskatoon Chamber Launches “Reconciliation Roadmap for Small Business”

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Strong economic case to respond to TRC Call to Action #92

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce has launched a step-by-step guide, with links to partners and resources, for small and medium sized businesses to advance economic reconciliation in our community.

The “Reconciliation Roadmap for Small Business” was developed by the Chamber’s Call to 92 Committee comprised of business leaders committed to advancing Indigenous business, partnerships and economic participation. The Committee’s work focuses on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #92 which calls upon the corporate sector to commit to meaningful consultation, access to jobs, training and education opportunities for Indigenous Canadians in the name of economic reconciliation.

The Chamber believes the case for economic Reconciliation is stronger than ever as Saskatoon looks to a future where Indigenous workforce participation, investment and partnerships will give our city a competitive advantage. Data suggests the economic impact of Indigenous spending, investment and production in the Saskatoon region has grown $236M over the last 5 years, from $836M in 2016 to $1.1B in 2021.

“The history of exclusion and prosecution of Indigenous people on the Prairies is difficult to face and impossible to undo,” said Joel Pedersen, Call to 92 Committee Chair. “But we can put Saskatoon on a path to prosperity where everyone can participate in our economy, provide for their families, build our community, and realize their potential.”

The Roadmap has been created to support the efforts of small enterprises that may not have the knowledge or capacity to build strategies for their business. Guidance is mapped out in clear, actionable steps that any small business owner or operator can take to answer call to action #92.

“Our hope is that this roadmap kick starts a conversation in our local businesses, inspires action, and leads to a more prosperous and inclusive Saskatoon.”

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